Thinking Outside The Box For Custom Built Homes

Designing a home can be a fun and enjoyable experience.  Sitting at the table with paper and pencil sketching out floor plans, amenities and really making use of living space.  When working with a builder and designing custom homes arizona there are some practical points that you should take into consideration.  Here is a list to bring reality into your dreams.


Code enforcement, building codes and neighborhood ascetics are all going to predefine what it is you can and what you can’t do. At least outside of the home.  Inside of the home you have a greater range of freedom to create what it is you want. 

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Primary features

Start the design of your home with the primary features that you need.  This will be the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living space.  Meeting these primary needs will help ensure that your custom home is functional and will meet your family’s needs.  

Future needs

The next component is to consider your future needs.  Will this be a house that will house two people in their sixties with no children or will it be a house that will have kids, grandkids and a lot of space for company?  Looking ten to twenty years into the future for design ideas might seem a little excessive but consider that building a custom home is a huge investment.  You want to make sure that it can accommodate the future as well as the present.

Personal oasis

Create a personal oasis for yourself.  Too often than not when building a custom home the small things like a private room or maybe a hidden cubby in an office wall might sound eccentric but can be a little piece that you may have always wanted. 

Building a custom home can be fun.  Take into consideration unique features, personal touches and things that no one else will have.  And have fun.  If you are not having fun in the design then don’t go custom.

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