Top Tips For Property Management Success

Being a manager is a large responsibility no matter what industry you decide to enter into.  For property managers, having an assortment of different skills will put you above the rest in your field.  Property management Hebron is the process of ensuring that a piece of property such as a house, condo, apartment building and more are kept running efficiently and if issues do arise are handed quickly.

Property management Hebron

Document Everything

The biggest failure of most managers is that they don’t document enough.  Some won’t even document the simple tasks.  There is a real logic behind documenting the actions and inactions of the properties you manage, pictures never lie.

When documenting an event start from the beginning.  For example, if you have a leaky pipe in an apartment you want to write down when you were notified of the leak – date, time and where.  Then, write down the exact exchange between you and the tenant.  From there write down each step you took to resolve the problem, time arrived, parts used etc.  When you do this, you can go back and review what happened with the tenant and your property owner. 

 Batch your work into a route

Creating your tasks and putting them into a specific route each day will help keep you organized.  A good idea is to start at the farthest outmost property early in the morning and then work your way back towards your home throughout the day.  This way, you don’t find yourself driving a long-distance home after a long day of work.

Create a renter’s criteria form

Each property is different and caters to a specific demographic of people.  For this reason, you want to make it clear as to who is most likely to enjoy living at your property.  For example, if you live near a school, parents with children would be your desired clients.  If you own an apartment building, then singles or college students might be your preferred tenants.  When you create this criteria and post it with pictures and other vital information those looking to live there will find you faster and the vetting process will be lessened.